The concept behind Woodstock Timbers is to supply a product that fills the gap between expensive imported South American hardwood decking and lower quality Malaysian and Indonesian imported decking. This product can also be used as a wall cladding (rain screen), and a multitude of other internal and external usage.

Merbau is the premier decking material in Australia, where extremes in climate are similar to the USA. Therefore Merbau is an ideal hardwood decking for the USA. Woodstock Timbers bring this durable long-lasting decking around the world, for the USA to experience the lasting qualities of Merbau.


Manufacturing in Indonesia

  • Merbau logs are sourced from certified forest in West Papua Indonesia, for the manufacture of decking.
  • Woodstock TImbers has 2 sources for sustainably harvested timber in Indonesia.
    • FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification in Indonesia.
    • SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu – System Legal Verification Timber) operated by the government forestry.
  • Merbau decking is Carbon Negative.
  • The reforestation of FSC & SVLK conseccions are guaranteed with Woodstock Timbers paying an independent NGO to ensure reforestation is professionally managed.



Woodstock Timbers are committed to sustainable timber source and Fair Trade in our Indonesian forests. Woodstock Timbers embraces reforestation strategies, sustainable organic farming, protecting the rainforest ecology and improving lives in our local communities.



  • Merbau is slow growing rainforest tree and widely used hardwood decking lumber. Hence our passion for reforestation to ensure an ongoing supply of tress and protecting of flora and fauna.
  • Janka rating comparison:
    • American Oak 1360lb/f
    • Hickory 1820lb/f
    • Merbau 1925lb/f
  • Merbau is termite resistant, rot resistant and fire resistant
  • Merbau is Class 1 (high natural durability) lumber that doesn’t warp, with minimal shrinkage and has an above-ground life of 40 years+ with good maintenance.
  • Moisture content is 10-12% (dried to 80% however rehydration will occur)
  • Reeded bottom surface to prevent rotting where planks are in contact with joists.
  • Log sizes 24″-40″ diameter.
  • Volume per container max 25,000 lineal feet.
  • Merbau is perfect in extreme climatic conditions (hot and cool).