Now you can love the aesthetics of wood, do your part for the environment,  and have a vibrant, beautiful, natural, high-end hardwood deck.

Wood is a living breathing natural material that brings a special look and feel to a space that can’t be achieved by “any composite”. The more wood we use the better it is for the planet. Wood is the natural storage for the planets unwanted carbon dioxide. Replanting of trees after harvesting comes another opportunity for the new trees to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is the main reason for Woodstock Timbers support of reforestation process.


Woodstock Timbers is committed to sustainable timber sources and fair trade in our Indonesia forests. Woodstock Timbers embraces reforestation strategies, sustainable organic farming.


Woodstock Timbers will achieve market share for Merbau Decking in order to positively affect more Indonesian rainforests and communities, and influence the sustainability and protection of ever increasing areas of rainforest.